Cast painting workshop in Enniskerry Schoolhouse for art Oct 2016








There's going to be a new cast painting workshop starting this October at the Schoolhouse for Art, Enniskerry. It's going to be over 8 evenings  from the 6th of October making 24 hours total painting time.

Painting from the cast is an excellent way to learn how to observe nature (the casts in this case) and describe form and light in oil on canvas. The cast are plaster casts of the facial features of  Michelangelo's David: the eye, the ear, the mouth and the nose. The plaster is white so it means there is no colour to worry about when painting, only black and white. This is another reason why it's such an effective way to learn how to handle oils to render what we see.

Canvases will be supplied for this course.

Here's a cast drawing I did in charcoal of the head of St. Andrew by François Duquesnoy.