Latest scam email

I thought I’d post about this just to spread the word. I got this email this morning which is a type I’ve got a few times now.

I am Mario Andrea from United States , I actually observed my wife

has been viewing your website on my laptop and I guess she likes some

of your Art piece, I must also say you are doing great job. I would

like to know what inspired that work. I am very much interested in the

purchase to surprise my wife.

The red flag that it’s a scam, apart from the poor English, is the fact that the guy is purporting to speak on behalf of his wife. It’s not him who’s interested, it’s his wife. Apparently from what I’ve heard elsewhere this is one of the indicators that it’s dodgy.

I believe the rest of the scam goes that he wants to buy a picture or pictures and then asks for money for delivery or some such.

Nicholas B Robinson